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    Gulu Main Market

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    The market is a central place in the town that provides locals and tourists with access to cloth, food, and scenic view of the activities of the people in Gulu,as well as showing off their...

Gulu main market, sometimes called Gulu central market is a modern building housing a market in the central municipality of Gulu district. Gulu district is one of the districts in Uganda, found in the Northern region of the country.

The market, completed around 2015, can house very many traders. It has about 474 shops and almost 1040 stalls. The market is located along Jomo Kenyatta road and in the middle of the town.

It is a beehive for many economic activities best suited for those on their way further north of the country or those returning to the capital city Kampala. There are sections for tailoring (mainly dealing in African print), vegetable section, food section which includes fish, flour, cassava, millet etc. Merchandise for ordinary home use can also be found in the shop sections. Within the same facility are mini outlets for one of the delicacies of the people in Northern Uganda; Odi (roast groundnut paste), which can sometimes be made with simsim too. The main language used within is Acholi but most of the traders have a good command of the English language too.

On normal working days, the market is open from 7:00am – 7:00pm (EAT). It is also common sight to see people selling their merchandise in the compound of the facility after 5:00pm.

A few notable destinations like Acholi Inn, Taks community centre, district administration building are within walking distance of the market for those enthusiastic enough to move round the facility.