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    Masoala National Park

    flag Madagascar

    Covering an area of 2,300 square kilometres of rainforest and 100 square kilometres of marine parks, Masoala national park is Madagascar's largest protected area.

Masoala national park located in the rain forest of Madagascar Island in Africa was founded in 1997 has an area of more than 2100 km², it’s Madagascar’s biggest national park and the biggest continuous rainforest of the country at the same time. The protective areas of the island Nosy Mangabe, Cap Est and the sea protective area Tanjona with its three coral reefs in front of the island (Tampolo, Ambodilaitry and Ifaho) belong to the national park, too. Mangrove forests and beaches are part of Masoala’s landscape as well as tight, partially impenetrable rainforest.

Masoala means “eyes of the forest”. The national park got this name due to the bizarre Aye-Aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), whose eyes glow like two spooky, big, yellow balls at night in the light cone of a torch.

Being that near to the equator, the whole region has a tropical wet-hot climate so accessing it becames a little difficult but a four wheel drive SVU car is the ideal means of transport to use. Masola is one of the must humid areas of Madagascar with over 7000 mm average rainfall per month. Traveling here is extremely exhausting due to permanently high air humidity while having temperatures around 30°C and more, but that’s also reason for Masoala’s extremely high biodiversity and abundant flora.


Masoala has a high number of animal species, wildlife in the rainforest can be exceedingly difficult to spot. Nevertheless you may find the red-ruffed lemur, white-fronted brown lemur, aye-aye, greater hedgehog tenrec, fossa, fanaloka, falanouc, and a number of bird species. Look carefully for chameleons and relatively abundant Uroplatus geckos. There are also lots of insects too.

Everywhere you’re surrounded by a breath taking number and beauty of rare animals and plants, which let you forget all the efforts and the burdensome…



Mon, Mar 06th, 2017

This place looks amazingly beautiful