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    Isalo National Park

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    Isalo National Park,located in Madagascar also known as the Jurassic Park, is arguably one of the best place to see ring-tailed lemurs and white sifakas dancing and jumping

Isalo National Park, is a dry tropical forest and savanna park located 683 km southwest of Antananarivo, 279 km southwest Fianarantsoa, 243 km northeast of Toliara in Madagascar Island also  often referred to as the Jurassic Park because of its massive plateau and rocks that are from the Jurassic era, is arguably one of  the best place to see ring-tailed lemurs and white sifakas dancing and jumping. It is one of the country's most dramatic and pleasant national parks.

Park National de Isalo was established in the year 1962 and covers 81,540 hectares of wildly eroded sandstone massif. The grassy plains are surrounded by sandstone ridges sculpted into various wild forms, and secluded in the rocks are many Sakalava Tombs. The Canyon des Singes ('Canyon of Monkeys') makes for an interesting day walk, and you will have a good chance of seeing sifakas (a common lemur) leaping through the trees.

The far Wild West reminiscent of the landscape, dominated by rugged massive that rises up from the flat surrounding grassy plain, attracts hikers from the whole world that gather here to admire the sweeping colours of this Jurassic scenery. The climate is dry tropical with warm temperatures all year around.

Though wildlife is here not as prominent as in other parks of the country, there are still a couple of species worth to look out: Ring-tailed lemurs, brown lemurs, sifakas and  14 nocturnal lemurs hide in dense vegetation along the streams. 
The park homes also approximately 80 species of birds (including the rare Benson’s rock-thrush, the knob-billed duck or the crested ibis), 35 of reptiles and several endemic frogs.
The flora is indeed more interesting than the fauna. There are several local endemic plants among the 500 species which are found within Isalo, such as the elephant´s foot and…