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    Hamar tribe

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    Hamar tribe consists of excellent herders, breeders of cows, sheep and goats. At the same time, Hamar women are engaged in the cultivation of small fields growing maize, sorghum and pumpkin. Hamar woman with a...

Jumps on bulls are preceded by the ritual in which boys who passed the rite of age in the last three months hit the backs of women, both young girls and married ones, with long wooden sticks. Those, in turn, provoke and urge men to beat them stronger, and the number of scars on their backs and hands determines their attractiveness and status in the eyes of their tribe mates. The more hits a woman gets, the stronger she is and more able to endure and suffer and, consequently, her value as a wife increases. Also, these hits symbolize how much pain she is ready to take for the sake of her brothers or relatives.

Night dancing - Evangadi – is traditional for the Hamar tribe. When the heat subsides, usually in the period after harvest, men and women gather together at dusk and sing and dance together late into the night. These traditional gatherings are one of the few opportunities for unmarried young men and women to meet and get to know each other.



The main diet of Hamar tribe consists of porridge of sorghum and maize, also there’s quite a lot of honey, butter and cheese in their diet. The tribe is also known for their love of a beer resembling drink - local mash, which the whole village drinks in the evening.


Undoubtedly, Hamar tribe confidently holds the palm of beauty and brightness of their clothes and jewelry. Unmarried Hamar women wear large beaded collars that are usually made of red, green and black colored beads and embroidered goatskins, serving them as clothes. Also, Hamar wear beaded bracelets on hands, waists and legs. Married women wear two metal rims instead of beaded collars and if the woman is the first wife, in addition to two metal hoops around her neck she also wears a leather band with a large highly visible disk.

Hairstyles are another thing that sets Hamar apart from other tribes and designs of male and female hairstyles in this tribe vary. Women have quite a long hair from which they form thin dreadlocks with the help of clay and fat, men partially shave their skulls and braid their hair in small braids adjacent to the skull, covering them with a layer of clay and fat and thus forming some kind of caps, which they decorate with bird feathers and beads.

Unlike Mursi or Bodi, Hamar tribe is different - they are stockier and not so fried, and the color of their skin is much lighter. Hamar women are considered by many tribes and travelers the most beautiful in the regi





Fri, Dec 30th, 2016

The Hamar have a unique ceremony of Bull jumping to prove man hood