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    Lake Bunyonyi

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    The second largest lake in Africa is found in Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is a force to reckon with, this amazing beauty is a space for a good retreat and amazing adventure.

Lake Bunyonyi is found in the South Western part of Uganda near the border of Rwanda.  The Lake is 1962m above sea level which is quiet deep.

Lake Bunyonyi has a moderate climate throughout the year but most of Kabale is quite cold and locals can be seen wearing a sweater for warmth. The lake is graced with green colored hills known as Islands with fine terraces these hills are in form of islands and land masses.

To get to the Lake you must first get to Kabale in western Uganda. Kabale is 8 hours form Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Once in Kabale you can get a Matatu aka Taxi or a private hire at a cost. It would take about 25 minutes to reach the lake. If one chooses the Rwandan route it would take them, one and half hours to Kabale and 25 minutes to the lake.

There is a lot one can do when at the Lake and also in the surrounding areas of the Lake;

  • Swimming is great at the lake but one must be a professional because the lake is so deep you might drown if you are proving your amateur swimming skills.
  • Community walks; this include a tour around the community of Lake Bunyonyi with a guided tour operator at a cost or personal exploration on an individual basis which attract no costs. The community is comprises of people known as Batwa who are native to the area and known for their vast amazing cultural traits.
  • Canoeing is a great opportunity to have an interaction with the lake on a more intimate level and personal view.
  • Bird Watching; since Uganda is so known for its several bird species and various bird types. You cannot miss a chance to observe these bird…



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