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    Musanto Hotel

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    Musanto Hotel is a space of rest located around the shores of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi Rwanda, close to the Congo border. The hotel offers a perfect tranquil environment for you to relax.

Musanto Hotel is a place of rest found in Gisenyi, Rwanda next to Congo-Rwandan Border with an amazing breeze from the shore of Lake Kivu.The hotel offers a perfect tranquil environment for you to relax while enjoying amazing views of the Lake Kivu.With the peace and quiet at the hotel this s is best for a hoilday and a good weekend get away.

Musanto is located in Gisenyi which is a 3-4 hours drive from Kigali town by road by using a car, taxi or public transport at an afforable fare.On your way one can notice the amazing 1000 hill of Rwanda clothed with green vegetation and amazing people.

While at Musanto Hotel, which is located around Gisenyi town which is well known for it night life and relaxing enviroment during the day.During the night one can take a stroll around the town and buy some roasted meat e.g pork Locally called "Kabenzi" and dance in the numerous night clubs around. During the day, the beach is a perfect space to be with the amazing breeze which calms and relaxes you.

Among the activities around the hotel is Swimming, Boat Riding and Fishing among others.

A unique anacky meal of small fish called Nsambaza ia a delicacy in this place. Among the other foods is roasted chicken and other local dishes.

The Language largerly used around the Hotel is French,Rwandan,Kiswahill and some English.




Fri, Aug 05th, 2016

Amazing place nice breeze and good customer care.

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    Kenneth Mwebaze

    So sad I couldnt make it here three weeks ago after my Spanish friends failed to get Rwandan Visas at the border. If you plan travel to Rwanda and you are not a citizen of East Africa, please remember to apply for the Visa online 4 days before.

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