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    Burj khalifa

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    At.mosphere — the highest restaurant in the world — towers over the city of Dubai at a whopping 1,450 feet above ground.It’s located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa. I rode the elevator...

What’s most beautiful about this city is the authentically rich melting pot of cultures melded, tolerated and respected. They’re embraced through food — Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Lebanese, and a slew of others.First, it’s important to get acquainted with traditional Emirati cuisine, which is a blend of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. Try lunch at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding ($21 - $30 for breakfast, lunch or dinner options; cultures.ae) in the heart of the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi in the Bur Dubai district

.In Emirati culture, you’ll always be greeted with a welcome drink, most likely Arabic coffee or “Gahuwa Arabia.” This is nowhere near your Starbucks Pike roast. It’s a sweet blend of lightly roasted arabic beans, cardamom and saffron, ground, boiled and served in tiny cups.Dates are a staple in the Emirati diet, with more than 40 varieties harvested locally. Date syrup is drizzled over chebab, a pancake made with cardamom and saffron. Since most of the Dubai population resides along the coast, fish is ubiquitous. The M’hammar, for example, is a dish made with Arabic date rice and fish.