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    Wildpark Bad Mergentheim

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    A perfect destination in Bavarian Germany for you to see bears, foxes, owls and other interesting animals. The park lies 44.7 km from Würzburg. A 36 min drive without much traffic.

Wildpark Bad Mergentheim is equivalent to a big zoo designed to keep animals protected yet free to move about and enjoy the nature. The most spectacular animals here being the Bear and the snow foxes, the park collects a number of wild animal species. Owls are also a great attraction.

In the morning hours, the animals make a show. It is interesting to watch the guides call a chicken by name and it responds by running towards the guide from a distance. The birds, pigs and camels all have been trained to respond to their specific calls and to perform interesting acts while on stage.

Later in the afternoon, the tourists gather at a common point from where a guide takes them through a guided session during which you will study interesting animal behavior.  Its amazing to watch the guide make a sound that will get the owl flying in quick to enjoy a live chicken meal. However this can be frightening for the little kids so keep your kids close.

By the end of your tour here, your attitude towards animals may have changed greatly and your desire to protect them risen. If your trip leads you to Bavarian Germany and not far from Wuzburg, do not hesitate to pass by Wildpark Bad Mergentheim and see for your self.




Fri, Jul 08th, 2016

In Germany, seeing common day rats is so amazing. However in my country Uganda, Its not very amazing" .