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    Limpopo National Park

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    The park is divided up into three separate zones of use: a tourist zone, a wilderness zone, and a resource utilization zone (hunting).

Limpopo is home to numerous nature reserves and parks. Besides the well-known national parks, such as the Greater Limpopo Park (Kruger National Park), Mapungubwe and Marakele, approximately 50 further provincial nature reserves exist in this exquisite province that reflect the diversity of this pristine part of the world.

Managed by Limpopo Tourism and Parks, these nature reserves have the dual task of ecological conservation of unique destinations as well as the development of eco-tourism projects in co-operation with the respective local communities.

Some of the parks offer a variety of accommodation, some are only open for day visitors, some can be reached with conventional vehicles, others only with 4x4 vehicles; please check under the relevant section of the park. All facilities are self-catering, some of the parks being remote and require everything to be brought along.




Sat, Oct 10th, 2015


View of Machampane Camp across the river