Frequently Asked Questions

Can I introduce new users to this website?

Yes you can

And when you do, you earn a commission of all the revenue they generate in a network business structure to 5 levels.

Who can contribute information

I would like to become a content creator on this website. Am I eligible?

All Registered users can create content

Signed up users from all parts of the world who agree to our terms and conditions can create content on this website. Signed up users have access to a control panel through which they can create new content pages and update them from time to time.

How do I receive Payment

How will I be receiving my money?

Check Payments Module

To access your funds, you sign in and go to Payments option then request cash out. However you must have accumulated a balance above threshold.

How do I join SafariAnts

I want to join. I don't know how to.

You simply Signup

All signed up users have access to a control panel from which they manage their created pages.

You can ask your own questions. They will be published after they are answered.