Content Quality Managers Needed

Lasahara Uganda is seeking to employ Content Quality Managers / Analysts to work with the project SafariAnts. ( with the basic function of working closely with online content creators around the world to verify accuracy of the information they post and to ensure that it complies with SafariAnts quality guidelines. 

SafariAnts is a global, travel website built and managed by users around the world. The website allows signed up users to generate travel guide information for places they are familiar with, places they have visited or places that lie close to them to help other travelers that intend to explore these destinations. The website also allows travelers to share their experiences at these destinations as they travel. SafariAnts' main objective is to have content creators from different parts of the world profiling countries, their major towns and attractions.

Qualifications Required

A minimum of an Advanced Certificate of Education is a prerequisite. However, posession of a University Degree is an added advantage. Level IV fluency (Reading, Writing and Speaking) in English language is essential. Strong oral and written communication skills. A certfication in SafariAnts CMS page management software is required. (A two weeks 8 module certificate training in this course is available with Lasahara Systems at a fee of $100).

Application Process

Submit filled standard SafariAnts application form along with your academic documents, take an oral phone interview, deposit your training fees to the Lasahara Orient Bank Account.

NOTE: Only trainable applicants preselected from the interview will proceed to training phase.

Download Application Form and course guidelines here.

Application Form

CMS Course Guideline


Submit Application to 

Lasahara Uganda
Located at The Sanctum Hotel Kitala,
Plot 343, Entebbe - Kampala Road
Tel: +256414697069 or +256752619354

Submissions can be made either physically to Lasahara Office or as scanned documents to the email